[tag] order

The polynomial order of the process variable's shape functions.

Requires an appropriate mesh.

The order of the shape functions can not be higher than the maximum available order for the underlying geometric elements. For example the second order shape functions for a hexahedron are only possible if the geometric element is at least a 20-node hexahedron element (MeshLib::TemplateElement<MeshLib::HexRule20>), whereas linear shape functions are also available on the 8-node hexahedron (MeshLib::TemplateElement<MeshLib::HexRule8>).

See also
MeshLib::CellRule MeshLib::FaceRule MeshLib::EdgeRule.

Additional info

From ProcessLib/ProcessVariable.cpp line 103

  • This is a required parameter.
  • Data type: unsigned
  • Expanded tag path: process_variables.process_variable.order
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