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Here is a list of all namespaces with brief descriptions:
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 Nanonymous_namespace{ProjectData.cpp}Implementation of the project data class
 NApplicationsLibThe LinearSolverLibrarySetup takes care of proper initialization and shutting down of an external linear solver library
 NAssemblerLibDocumentation of namespaces
 NBaseLibBuild information
 NFileIOContains the interfaces for all file types that can be read and/or written using OpenGeoSys
 NGMSHSub-namespace containing all functionality needed for reading and writing GMSH files
 NLegacyIncludes the interfaces to OGS legacy file formats (OGS-5 and below)
 NGeoLibCopyright (c) 2012-2018, OpenGeoSys Community (http://www.opengeosys.org) Distributed under a Modified BSD License
 NMaterialLibCommon convenitions for naming: x_D - deviatoric part of tensor x x_V - volumetric part of tensor x x_p - a variable related to plastic potential x_prev - value of x in previous time step
 NPhysicalConstantNamespace containing physical constants All members of this namespace should be given in SI standard units, i.e., in terms of kg, m, s, K, mol, A, cd
 NMathLibContains all mathematical functionality used in OpenGeoSys, from defining a vector or calculating a norm to integration schemes and matrix preconditioners
 NKelvinVectorThe invariants and the Kelving mapping are explained in detail in the article "On Advantages of the Kelvin Mapping in Finite Element Implementations of Deformation Processes" [9]
 NLinAlgSome general linear algebra functionality
 NMeshGeoToolsLibImplementation of heuristic search length strategy
 NMeshLibContains all functionality concerned with defining and obtaining information about meshes and their components (nodes, elements)
 NMeshGeneratorFunctionality for generating meshing
 NNumLibThe numerical algorithms used in OpenGeoSys
 NProcessLibCommon convenitions for naming: X_gas_nonwet mass fraction of gas component(e.g air) in nonwetting phase (gas component doesn't include water vapor, same for the following) x_gas_nonwet molar fraction of gas component in nonwetting phase x_vapor_nonwet molar fraction of vapor in nonwetting phase p_vapor_nonwet water vapor pressure p_gas_nonwet partial pressure of gas component mol_density_nonwet molar density of nonwetting phase mol_density_water molar density of water density_water mass density of water density_nonwet_gas mass density of gas component in the nonwetting phase density_nonwet_vapor mass density of vapor in the nonwetting phase density_nonwet mass density of the nonwetting phase density_wet mass density of wetting pahse density_solid mass density of the solid phase velocity_nonwet velocity of nonwetting phase velocity_wet velocity of wetting phase heat_capacity_dry_gas heat capacity of dry gas heat_capacity_water_vapor heat capacity of water vapor heat_capacity_water heat capacity of liquid water heat_capacity_solid heat capacity of soil grain latent_heat_evaporation latent heat for evaporation(water to vapor) enthalpy_nonwet_gas enthalpy of gas component in the nonwetting phase enthalpy_nonwet_vapor enthalpy of water vapor in the nonwetting phase enthalpy_wet enthalpy of wetting phase enthalpy_nonwet enthalpy of the nonwetting phase internal_energy_nonwet specific internal energy for the nonwetting phase internal_energy_wet specific internal energy for the wetting phase heat_conductivity_dry_solid heat conductivity of the dry porous medium heat_conductivity_wet_solid heat conductivity of the fully saturated porous medium heat_conductivity_unsaturated heat conductivity of the unsaturated porous medium