MaterialLib Namespace Reference

Detailed Description

Common convenitions for naming: x_D - deviatoric part of tensor x x_V - volumetric part of tensor x x_p - a variable related to plastic potential x_prev - value of x in previous time step

Variables used in the code: eps_D - deviatoric strain eps_p_D_dot - deviatoric increment of plastic strain eps_p_eff_dot - increment of effective plastic strain eps_p_V_dot - volumetric increment of plastic strain sigma_D_inverse_D - deviatoric part of sigma_D_inverse

derivation of the flow rule theta - J3 / J2^(3 / 2) from yield function dtheta_dsigma - derivative of theta sqrtPhi - square root of Phi from plastic potential flow_D - deviatoric part of flow flow_V - volumetric part of flow lambda_flow_D - deviatoric increment of plastic strain


namespace  Fluid
namespace  Fracture
namespace  PhysicalConstant
namespace  PorousMedium
namespace  Solids