[tag] timesteps

Defines how to fill up the time between [tag] t_initial and [tag] t_end.

Consecutive different time steps are defined by consecutive [tag] pair definitions.

If all defined pairs don't fill up the simulation time, the last pair repeats until [tag] t_end. Likewise, if the specified time steps add up to more than the simulation time, the last steps are dropped in order to fit the simulation time. Furthermore if simple adding or dropping of time steps cannot fit the simulation time, the last step will be to dropped to fit <t_end>-<t_initial> exactly.

Child parameters, attributes and cases

Additional info

From NumLib/TimeStepping/Algorithms/CreateFixedTimeStepping.cpp line 33

  • This is a required parameter.
  • Expanded tag path: time_loop.processes.process.time_stepping.FixedTimeStepping.timesteps
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