Todo List
Page [tag] element
How is the face normal of a triangle determined?
Page [tag] name
Extend documentation for coupled processes.
Page [tag] submesh_residuum_output
As of January 2023 the submesh residuum output has not been implemented for all processes, yet. And it has not been tested together with other OGS features, such as staggered coupling, domain decomposition and domain deactivation.
Member FileIO::GMSH::GMSHInterface::writeGMSHInputFile (std::ostream &out)
activate error codes and hand them on to the Writer class, i.e. 0 = okay, 1 = geo_objects is empty, 2 = error while merging, 3 = error writing file
Member GeoLib::IO::BoostXmlGmlInterface::readFile (const std::string &fname) override
Reading geometries is always strict.
Member MathLib::PETScVector::operator= (PETScVector &&)=delete
This operator should be implemented properly when doing a general cleanup of all matrix and vector classes.
Member MeshLib::isPointInElementXY (MathLib::Point3d const &p, Element const &e)
At the moment the test works only for triangle and quad elements.
Member MeshLib::TemplateElement< ELEMENT_RULE >::n_all_nodes
Windows compiler does not accept this definition and issues a linking error.
Member NumLib::Extrapolator::getElementResiduals () const =0
Maybe write directly to a MeshProperty.
Member NumLib::Extrapolator::getNodalValues () const =0
Maybe write directly to a MeshProperty.
Member NumLib::LocalLinearLeastSquaresExtrapolator::_qr_decomposition_cache
Add the element dimension as identifying criterion, or change to typeid.
Member NumLib::MatrixTranslatorGeneral< ODESystemTag::FirstOrderImplicitQuasilinear >::computeJacobian (GlobalMatrix const &Jac_in, GlobalMatrix &Jac_out) const override
Do not copy.
Member NumLib::NonlinearSystem< NonlinearSolverTag::Newton >::getResidual (GlobalVector const &x, GlobalVector const &x_prev, GlobalVector &res) const =0
Remove argument x.
Class NumLib::TimeDiscretization
Currently this interface does not yet support adaptive timestepping. While implementing that will lead to no changes for single-step methods, for multi-step methods this interface will have to be extended.
Member ProcessLib::AssemblyMixin< Process >::initializeAssemblyOnSubmeshes (const int process_id, std::vector< std::reference_wrapper< MeshLib::Mesh > > const &submeshes, std::vector< std::string > const &residuum_names)
Implement and test with domain decomposition, domain deactivation and staggered coupling.
Class ProcessLib::ExtrapolatorData
Later on this struct shall be moved, e.g., be merged with the process output class.
Class ProcessLib::LocalAssemblerInterface
Generalize to other NumLib::ODESystemTag's.