[tag] submesh_residuum_output

This tag specifies that residuum vectors should be assembled and output for a set of submeshes of the entire simulation domain.

The same settings/child tags as for <output> can be used, here. I.e., this tag works mostly like an additional output section next to an already existing <output> or <outputs> tag. See also the examples below.

There is one important difference between this tag and the "regular" output configuration: The <meshes> must be non-overlapping and must cover the entire simulation domain. OGS will refuse to run if these requirements are not fulfilled.
As of January 2023 the submesh residuum output has not been implemented for all processes, yet. And it has not been tested together with other OGS features, such as staggered coupling, domain decomposition and domain deactivation.

Additional info

From ProcessLib/CreateTimeLoop.cpp line 53

  • This is an optional parameter.
  • Expanded tag path: time_loop.submesh_residuum_output
  • Go to source code: → ogs/ogs/master

Used in the following test data files