ProcessLib::HydroMechanics::Staggered Struct Reference

Detailed Description

Definition at line 40 of file HydroMechanicsProcessData.h.

#include <HydroMechanicsProcessData.h>

Public Attributes

double const fixed_stress_stabilization_parameter
bool const fixed_stress_over_time_step

Member Data Documentation

◆ fixed_stress_over_time_step

bool const ProcessLib::HydroMechanics::Staggered::fixed_stress_over_time_step

If set, the volume stress rate is fixed over time step, e.g.

\[\dot{\sigma}_v^{n} = \dot{\sigma}_v^{n-1}, \]

where \(n\) is the time step index. Otherwise, the volume stress rate is fixed over coupling iteration, e.g.

\[\dot{\sigma}_v^{n, k} = \dot{\sigma}_v^{n, k-1}, \]

where \(k\) is the coupling iteration index, and

\[ \dot{()}^{n, k} = \left(()^{n, k} - ()^{n-1}\right)/dt. \]

Definition at line 56 of file HydroMechanicsProcessData.h.

◆ fixed_stress_stabilization_parameter

double const ProcessLib::HydroMechanics::Staggered::fixed_stress_stabilization_parameter

An optional input to set an algorithmic parameter of the staggered scheme. In the HydroMechanics process the fixed-stress split has been implemented as staggered scheme with a stabilization parameter to be set. For more details see user guide - conventions.

Definition at line 47 of file HydroMechanicsProcessData.h.

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