MaterialLib::Solids::Ehlers::MaterialProperties Struct Referencefinal

Detailed Description

Evaluated MaterialPropertiesParameters container, see its documentation for details.

Definition at line 126 of file Ehlers.h.

#include <Ehlers.h>

Public Member Functions

 MaterialProperties (double const t, ParameterLib::SpatialPosition const &x, MaterialPropertiesParameters const &mp)

Public Attributes

double const G
double const K
double const alpha
double const beta
double const gamma
double const delta
double const epsilon
double const m
double const alpha_p
double const beta_p
double const gamma_p
double const delta_p
double const epsilon_p
double const m_p
double const kappa
double const hardening_coefficient

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ MaterialProperties()

MaterialLib::Solids::Ehlers::MaterialProperties::MaterialProperties ( double const  t,
ParameterLib::SpatialPosition const &  x,
MaterialPropertiesParameters const &  mp 

Definition at line 128 of file Ehlers.h.

130 : G(mp.G(t, x)[0]),
131 K(mp.K(t, x)[0]),
132 alpha(mp.alpha(t, x)[0]),
133 beta(mp.beta(t, x)[0]),
134 gamma(mp.gamma(t, x)[0]),
135 delta(mp.delta(t, x)[0]),
136 epsilon(mp.epsilon(t, x)[0]),
137 m(mp.m(t, x)[0]),
138 alpha_p(mp.alpha_p(t, x)[0]),
139 beta_p(mp.beta_p(t, x)[0]),
140 gamma_p(mp.gamma_p(t, x)[0]),
141 delta_p(mp.delta_p(t, x)[0]),
142 epsilon_p(mp.epsilon_p(t, x)[0]),
143 m_p(mp.m_p(t, x)[0]),
144 kappa(mp.kappa(t, x)[0]),
145 hardening_coefficient(mp.hardening_coefficient(t, x)[0])
146 {
147 }

Member Data Documentation

◆ alpha

double const MaterialLib::Solids::Ehlers::MaterialProperties::alpha

◆ alpha_p

double const MaterialLib::Solids::Ehlers::MaterialProperties::alpha_p

◆ beta

double const MaterialLib::Solids::Ehlers::MaterialProperties::beta

◆ beta_p

double const MaterialLib::Solids::Ehlers::MaterialProperties::beta_p

◆ delta

double const MaterialLib::Solids::Ehlers::MaterialProperties::delta

◆ delta_p

double const MaterialLib::Solids::Ehlers::MaterialProperties::delta_p

◆ epsilon

double const MaterialLib::Solids::Ehlers::MaterialProperties::epsilon

Definition at line 155 of file Ehlers.h.

Referenced by MaterialLib::Solids::Ehlers::yieldFunction().

◆ epsilon_p

double const MaterialLib::Solids::Ehlers::MaterialProperties::epsilon_p

◆ G

◆ gamma

double const MaterialLib::Solids::Ehlers::MaterialProperties::gamma

◆ gamma_p

double const MaterialLib::Solids::Ehlers::MaterialProperties::gamma_p

◆ hardening_coefficient

double const MaterialLib::Solids::Ehlers::MaterialProperties::hardening_coefficient

◆ K

◆ kappa

◆ m

double const MaterialLib::Solids::Ehlers::MaterialProperties::m

◆ m_p

double const MaterialLib::Solids::Ehlers::MaterialProperties::m_p

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