ProcessLib::SourceTerms::Python::PythonStData Struct Referencefinal

Detailed Description

Definition at line 24 of file PythonSourceTerm.h.

#include <PythonSourceTerm.h>

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Public Member Functions

ProcessLib::BoundaryConditionAndSourceTerm::Python::FlagAndFluxAndDFlux getFlagAndFluxAndDFlux (double const t, std::array< double, 3 > const coords, std::vector< double > const &prim_vars_data) const

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from ProcessLib::BoundaryConditionAndSourceTerm::Python::BcOrStData< PythonSourceTermPythonSideInterface >
PythonSourceTermPythonSideInterface const *const bc_or_st_object
 Python object computing BC or ST values.
int const global_component_id
MeshLib::Mesh const & bc_or_st_mesh
 The domain, where this BC or ST will be applied.
std::vector< std::reference_wrapper< ProcessVariable > > const & all_process_variables_for_this_process
unsigned const shape_function_order

Member Function Documentation

◆ getFlagAndFluxAndDFlux()

ProcessLib::BoundaryConditionAndSourceTerm::Python::FlagAndFluxAndDFlux ProcessLib::SourceTerms::Python::PythonStData::getFlagAndFluxAndDFlux ( double const t,
std::array< double, 3 > const coords,
std::vector< double > const & prim_vars_data ) const

The interfaces of Python BCs and STs differ slightly.

This method provides an interface for accessing Python BC and ST objects in a uniform way.

Definition at line 33 of file PythonSourceTerm.h.

35 {
36 auto [flux, dFlux] =
37 bc_or_st_object->getFlux(t, coords, prim_vars_data);
39 return {true, flux, std::move(dFlux)};
40 }
PythonSourceTermPythonSideInterface const *const bc_or_st_object
Python object computing BC or ST values.
Definition BcOrStData.h:39

References ProcessLib::BoundaryConditionAndSourceTerm::Python::BcOrStData< PythonSourceTermPythonSideInterface >::bc_or_st_object.

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