FileIO::Gocad::Layer Struct Referencefinal

Detailed Description

Definition at line 23 of file Layer.h.

#include <Layer.h>

Public Member Functions

bool hasRegion (Region const &r) const

Public Attributes

std::vector< Regionregions

Member Function Documentation

◆ hasRegion()

bool FileIO::Gocad::Layer::hasRegion ( Region const &  r) const

Definition at line 27 of file Layer.h.

28 {
29 return (std::find(regions.begin(), regions.end(), r) != regions.end());
30 }
static const double r
std::vector< Region > regions
Definition: Layer.h:25

References MathLib::r, and regions.

Member Data Documentation

◆ regions

std::vector<Region> FileIO::Gocad::Layer::regions

Definition at line 25 of file Layer.h.

Referenced by hasRegion(), FileIO::Gocad::operator<<(), and FileIO::Gocad::parseLayer().

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