Damage.h File Reference

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Definition in file Damage.h.

#include <spdlog/spdlog.h>
#include <Eigen/Eigenvalues>
#include "MaterialLib/SolidModels/Ehlers.h"
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namespace  ProcessLib
namespace  ProcessLib::SmallDeformationNonlocal


double ProcessLib::SmallDeformationNonlocal::calculateDamage (double const kappa_d, double const alpha_d, double const beta_d)
template<int DisplacementDim, typename KelvinVectorType >
double ProcessLib::SmallDeformationNonlocal::calculateDamageKappaD (double const eps_p_eff_diff, KelvinVectorType const &sigma, double const kappa_d_prev, double const h_d, MaterialLib::Solids::Ehlers::MaterialProperties const &mp)