[case] VolumeFractionAverage

Effective medium property obtained by volume fraction averaging

This property must be a medium property. It computes the effective property based on the phase properties as a volume fraction weighted average in the following form

\[ X_{\mathrm{eff}} = \phi_\mathrm{p}\,X_\mathrm{pR} + \phi_\mathrm{f}\,X_\mathrm{fR} + \phi_\mathrm{l}\,X_\mathrm{lR} = (1-\phi) X_\mathrm{pR} + \phi_\mathrm{f}\,X_\mathrm{fR} + (\phi - \phi_\mathrm{f}) X_\mathrm{lR} \]

where \(\phi\) is the porosity (pore space volume fraction), \(\phi_\mathrm{p}\) is the porous solid skeleton volume fraction, \(\phi_\mathrm{f}\) is the frozen volume fraction, \(\phi_\mathrm{l}\) is the liquid one. \(\mathrm{R}\) stands for the real/pure phase property.

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