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struct  ProcessLib::SmallDeformation::MaterialForcesInterface


namespace  ProcessLib
namespace  ProcessLib::SmallDeformation


template<int DisplacementDim, typename ShapeFunction , typename ShapeMatricesType , typename NodalForceVectorType , typename NodalDisplacementVectorType , typename GradientVectorType , typename GradientMatrixType , typename IPData , typename StressData , typename OutputData , typename IntegrationMethod >
std::vector< double > const & ProcessLib::SmallDeformation::getMaterialForces (std::vector< double > const &local_x, std::vector< double > &nodal_values, IntegrationMethod const &_integration_method, IPData const &_ip_data, StressData const &stress_data, OutputData const &output_data, MeshLib::Element const &element, bool const is_axially_symmetric)
template<typename LocalAssemblerInterface >
void ProcessLib::SmallDeformation::writeMaterialForces (std::unique_ptr< GlobalVector > &material_forces, std::vector< std::unique_ptr< LocalAssemblerInterface > > const &local_assemblers, NumLib::LocalToGlobalIndexMap const &local_to_global_index_map, GlobalVector const &x)