[tag] total_molar_fraction_contaminant

Total molar fraction of the organic contaminant, defined as

\[ X^c=\frac{S_LN_Lx^c_L+(1-S_L)N_Gx^c_G}{S_LN_L+(1-S_L)N_G}, \]

where \(S_L\) and \(S_G\) are the liquid and gas phase saturatons, \(N_L\) and \(N_G\) are the liquid and gas phase molar densities, \(x^c_L\) and \(x^c_G\) are the contaminant molar fractions in the liquid and gas phases.

Additional info

From ProcessLib/ThermalTwoPhaseFlowWithPP/CreateThermalTwoPhaseFlowWithPPProcess.cpp line 119

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