Element.cpp File Reference

Detailed Description

Implementation of the Element class.

Karsten Rink

Definition in file Element.cpp.

#include "Element.h"
#include "BaseLib/Logging.h"
#include "Line.h"
#include "MathLib/GeometricBasics.h"
#include "MathLib/MathTools.h"
#include "MeshLib/Node.h"
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std::ostream & MeshLib::operator<< (std::ostream &os, Element const &e)
bool MeshLib::areNeighbors (Element const *const element, Element const *const other)
 Returns true if elem is a neighbour of this element and false otherwise. More...
bool MeshLib::hasZeroVolume (MeshLib::Element const &element)
 Returns true if the element has zero length/area/volume. More...
MeshLib::Node MeshLib::getCenterOfGravity (MeshLib::Element const &element)
 Calculates the center of gravity for the mesh element. More...
std::pair< double, double > MeshLib::computeSqrNodeDistanceRange (MeshLib::Element const &element, bool const check_allnodes=true)
 Compute the minimum and maximum node distances for this element. More...
std::pair< double, double > MeshLib::computeSqrEdgeLengthRange (Element const &element)
 Compute the minimum and maximum squared edge length for this element. More...
bool MeshLib::isPointInElementXY (MathLib::Point3d const &p, Element const &e)
unsigned MeshLib::getNodeIDinElement (Element const &element, const Node *node)
 Returns the position of the given node in the node array of this element. More...
std::size_t MeshLib::getNodeIndex (Element const &element, unsigned const idx)