Surface.h File Reference

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Definition in file Surface.h.

#include <memory>
#include <vector>
#include "AABB.h"
#include "GeoObject.h"
#include "Point.h"
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class  GeoLib::Surface
 A Surface is represented by Triangles. It consists of a reference to a vector of (pointers to) points (_sfc_pnts) and a vector that stores the Triangles consisting of points from _sfc_pnts. More...


namespace  GeoLib


bool GeoLib::operator== (Surface const &lhs, Surface const &rhs)
void GeoLib::resetPointIDs (Surface &surface, std::vector< std::size_t > const &mapping)
 Resets the point IDs of the surface corresponding to the mapping.
void GeoLib::markUsedPoints (Surface const &surface, std::vector< bool > &used_points)