ReactionCaOH2.cpp File Reference

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Definition in file ReactionCaOH2.cpp.

#include "ReactionCaOH2.h"
#include <cassert>
#include "Adsorption.h"
#include "BaseLib/Error.h"
#include "MaterialLib/PhysicalConstant.h"
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namespace  Adsorption


constexpr double Adsorption::reaction_enthalpy = -1.12e+05
 reaction enthalpy in J/mol; negative for exothermic composition reaction
constexpr double Adsorption::reaction_entropy = -143.5
 reaction entropy in J/mol/K
constexpr double Adsorption::M_carrier = MaterialLib::PhysicalConstant::MolarMass::N2
 inert component molar mass
constexpr double Adsorption::M_react = MaterialLib::PhysicalConstant::MolarMass::Water
 reactive component molar mass
constexpr double Adsorption::tol_l = 1e-4
constexpr double Adsorption::tol_u = 1.0 - 1e-4
constexpr double Adsorption::tol_rho = 0.1