[tag] damage_properties

Damage properties for Ehlers with local isotropic damage. This is an optional subtree; when not set the "usual" Ehlers material model will be used without damage.

For further information, refer to the implementation manual and to the following publication: Parisio, F and Laloui, L (2017). Plastic-damage modeling of saturated quasi-brittle shales. Int J Rock Mech Min Sci, 93:295-306 [32]

This implementation does not contain strain regularization. The model should be used with care as pathological mesh-dependency may arise. To overcome this issue, the user can employ the non-local integral formulation.

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From MaterialLib/SolidModels/CreateEhlers.h line 168

  • This is an optional parameter.
  • Expanded tag path: NONEXISTENT.solid.constitutive_relation.Ehlers.damage_properties
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