[tag] reaction_irreversibility

This is an optional keyword to specify if the phase component should be allowed to precipitate or dissolve only. There are three allowed cases:

  • Default: skip the tag and the phase component will be allowed to dissolve and precipitate (reversible reaction).
  • Precipitate only: Enter precipitate_only to only allow precipitation of phase (irreversible precipitation reaction).
  • Dissolve only: Enter dissolve_only to only allow dissolution of phase (irreversible dissolution reaction).

Additional info

From ChemistryLib/PhreeqcIOData/CreateEquilibriumReactants.cpp line 49

  • This is an optional parameter.
  • This parameter has a default value of "".
  • Data type: std::string
  • Expanded tag path: chemical_system.equilibrium_reactants.phase_component.reaction_irreversibility
  • Go to source code: → ogs/ogs/master

Used in the following test data files

  • [→ ogs/ogs/master | → doc] Parabolic/ComponentTransport/ReactiveTransport/EquilibriumPhase/calciteDissolvePrecipitateOnly.prj