[tag] reltol

The relative tolerance being applied to the norm of the whole solution vector.

The relative error \(e\) is computed as

\[e = \frac{||\Delta x||}{||x||+\epsilon},\]

where \(\Delta x\) and \(x\) are the current solution update and the new solution from the current iteration, respectively, and \(\epsilon\) is the machine epsilon guaranteeing that the denominator is always nonzero.

Additional info

From NumLib/ODESolver/ConvergenceCriterionDeltaX.cpp line 70

  • This is an optional parameter.
  • Data type: double
  • Expanded tag path: time_loop.processes.process.convergence_criterion.DeltaX.reltol
  • Go to source code: → ogs/ogs/master

Used in the following test data files