[case] OrthotropicEmbeddedFracturePermeability

Extended Permeability model based on Olivella&Alonso.

This property must be a medium property, it computes the permeability in dependence of the strain

The base model was proposed in [2] and it was further investigated in [31] . This extended Version features three orthotropic fracture planes.

The model takes the form of

\[ \mathbf{k} = k_\text{m} \mathbf{I} + \sum \limits_{i=1}^3 \frac{b_i}{a_i} \left( \frac{b_i^2}{12} - k_\text{m} \right) \left( \mathbf{I} - \mathbf{M}_i \right) \]


\[ \mathbf{M}_i = \vec{n}_i \otimes \vec{n}_i \]


\[ b_i = b_{i0} + \Delta b_i \\ \Delta b_i = a_i \langle \mathbf{\epsilon} : \mathbf{M}_i - \varepsilon_{0i} \rangle \]


\( k_\text{m} \) permeability of undisturbed material
\( b_i \) fracture aperture of each fracture plane
\( b_{i0} \) initial aperture of each fracture plane
\( a_i \) mean fracture distance of each fracture plane
\( \vec{n}_i \) fracture normal vector of each fracture plane
\( \varepsilon_{i0} \) threshold strain of each fracture plane

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