[tag] comparison_operator

The tag 'comparison_operator' determines the evaluation of the constraint condition. Possible values are 'greater' or 'less'.

The value less is used for the calculation of the constraint criterion. If less is set to true (i.e. 'less' is set in the project file) the criterion 'calculated_value < _threshold_parameter' is evaluated to switch on/off the boundary condition. If less will be set to false in case 'greater' is given in the project file and the condition 'calculated_value > _threshold_parameter' is evaluated.

Additional info

From ProcessLib/BoundaryConditionAndSourceTerm/PrimaryVariableConstraintDirichletBoundaryCondition.cpp line 137

  • This is a required parameter.
  • Data type: std::string
  • Expanded tag path: process_variables.process_variable.boundary_conditions.boundary_condition.PrimaryVariableConstraintDirichletBoundaryCondition.comparison_operator
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Used in the following test data files

Used in no end-to-end test cases.