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2 * \file
3 * \brief Cumulative include for all available mesh element types.
4 *
5 * \copyright
6 * Copyright (c) 2012-2024, OpenGeoSys Community (http://www.opengeosys.org)
7 * Distributed under a Modified BSD License.
8 * See accompanying file LICENSE.txt or
9 * http://www.opengeosys.org/project/license
10 *
11 */
13#pragma once
25namespace MeshLib
33 std::tuple<Point, Line, Line3, Quad, Quad8, Quad9, Hex, Hex20, Tri, Tri6,
36} // namespace MeshLib
Definition of the Element class.
Definition of the Hex class.
Definition of the Line class.
Definition of the Prism class.
Definition of the Pyramid class.
Definition of the Quad class.
Definition of the Tet class.
Definition of the Tri class.
TemplateElement< MeshLib::QuadRule9 > Quad9
Definition Quad.h:30
TemplateElement< MeshLib::TetRule10 > Tet10
Definition Tet.h:26
std::tuple< Point, Line, Line3, Quad, Quad8, Quad9, Hex, Hex20, Tri, Tri6, Tet, Tet10, Prism, Prism15, Pyramid, Pyramid13 > AllElementTypes
Definition Elements.h:32
TemplateElement< MeshLib::HexRule20 > Hex20
Definition Hex.h:26
TemplateElement< MeshLib::TetRule4 > Tet
Definition Tet.h:25
TemplateElement< MeshLib::LineRule2 > Line
Definition Line.h:25
TemplateElement< MeshLib::QuadRule8 > Quad8
Definition Quad.h:29
TemplateElement< MeshLib::QuadRule4 > Quad
Definition Quad.h:28
TemplateElement< MeshLib::TriRule3 > Tri
Definition Tri.h:26
TemplateElement< MeshLib::PyramidRule5 > Pyramid
Definition Pyramid.h:25
TemplateElement< MeshLib::PrismRule6 > Prism
Definition Prism.h:25
TemplateElement< PointRule1 > Point
Definition Point.h:20
TemplateElement< MeshLib::PrismRule15 > Prism15
Definition Prism.h:26
TemplateElement< MeshLib::TriRule6 > Tri6
Definition Tri.h:27
TemplateElement< MeshLib::LineRule3 > Line3
Definition Line.h:26
TemplateElement< MeshLib::HexRule8 > Hex
Definition Hex.h:25