[tag] coefficient

The coefficient of the model, which gives the swelling stress at full saturation. The coefficient can be obtained by

\[ {\alpha}_{\text{sw}} = \frac{{{\sigma}}^{\text{sw}}_{\text{max}}}{(S_{\text{max}}-S_0)} \]

with \({{\sigma}}^{\text{sw}}_{\text{max}}\) the swelling stress at full saturation, and \(S_{\text{max}}\) the maximum saturation.

Additional info

From MaterialLib/MPL/Properties/SwellingStress/CreateLinearSaturationSwellingStress.cpp line 34

  • This is a required parameter.
  • Data type: double
  • Expanded tag path: NONEXISTENT.property.LinearSaturationSwellingStress.coefficient
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