[tag] linear

This flag enables two optimizations for the ComponentTransport process:

  1. the global equation systems are assembled only once, in the first timestep, and reused subsequently
  2. the non-linear solver will converge in a single iteration in each timestep
With this option enabled, OGS will produce correct results only if the process equations are linear. OGS will not detect any non-linearities. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that the assembled equation systems are linear, indeed! Furthermore, the material properties and parameters used in the process's equations must not carry any time dependence.

Additional info

From ProcessLib/ComponentTransport/CreateComponentTransportProcess.cpp line 290

  • This is an optional parameter.
  • This parameter has a default value of false.
  • Expanded tag path: processes.process.ComponentTransport.linear
  • Go to source code: → ogs/ogs/master

Used in the following test data files

Used in no end-to-end test cases.