[tag] phasefield_model

Choice for AT1 model (phasefield_model="AT1"), AT2 model (phasefield_model="AT2") or (phasefield_model="COHESIVE") of phase-field.

For further information, refer to:

  • Crack nucleation in variational phase-field models of brittle fracture. J Mech Phys Solids, 110:80-99 [37].
  • A unified phase-field theory for the mechanics of damage and quasi-brittle failure. J Mech Phys Solids, 103:72-99 [43]

Additional info

From ProcessLib/PhaseField/CreatePhaseFieldProcess.cpp line 193

  • This is a required parameter.
  • Data type: std::string
  • Expanded tag path: processes.process.PHASE_FIELD.phasefield_model
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