[case] SpecificHeatCapacityWithLatentHeat

Model for the apparent specific heat capacity including latent heat \(\ell\)

This model is for media with a phase change. This property must be a medium property, it computes the apparent specific heat capacity based on a phase transition spread over a temperature interval:

\[ C_{\mathrm{app}} = \left[C - \varrho_\mathrm{fR} \ell \frac{\partial \phi_\mathrm{f}}{\partial T} \right] \quad\rightarrow\quad c_{\mathrm{app}} = \frac{C_{\mathrm{app}}}{\varrho} \]

with \(\ell\) as specific enthalpy of melting, \(C\) as effective volumetric heat capacity and \(\varrho\) as the effective density of the mixture, \(\varrho_\mathrm{fR}\) as the real density of the frozen phase as well as \(\phi_\mathrm{f}\) as the temperature-dependent frozen liquid volume fraction.

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