Deformation process with linear kinematics enriched with non-local averaging (integral) of internal variables. Current implementation covers damage variable from the Ehlers material model only.

Child parameters, attributes and cases

This process is commonly used together with the following media properties

Note: This list has been automatically extracted from OGS's benchmark tests (ctests). Therefore it might not be exhaustive, but it should give users a good overview about which properties they can/have to use with this process. Probably most of the properties occurring in this list are mandatory.

The list might contain different property <type>s for some property <name> to illustrate different possibilities the users have.

No media property information could be found in the ctests for the SMALL_DEFORMATION_NONLOCAL process. Either this process does not use <media> in the ctests or the extraction scripts could not process the ctest prj files properly.

Additional info

No additional info.

Used in the following test data files