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Page [tag] element
How is the face normal of a triangle determined?
Page [tag] name
Extend documentation for coupled processes.
Member FileIO::GMSH::GMSHInterface::writeGMSHInputFile (std::ostream &out)
activate error codes and hand them on to the Writer class, i.e. 0 = okay, 1 = geo_objects is empty, 2 = error while merging, 3 = error writing file
Member GeoLib::IO::BoostXmlGmlInterface::readFile (const std::string &fname) override
Reading geometries is always strict.
Member MathLib::PETScVector::operator= (PETScVector &&)=delete
This operator should be implemented properly when doing a general cleanup of all matrix and vector classes.
Member MeshLib::isPointInElementXY (MathLib::Point3d const &p, Element const &e)
At the moment the test works only for triangle and quad elements.
Member MeshLib::TemplateElement< ELEMENT_RULE >::n_all_nodes
Windows compiler does not accept this definition and issues a linking error.
Member NumLib::Extrapolator::getElementResiduals () const =0
Maybe write directly to a MeshProperty.
Member NumLib::Extrapolator::getNodalValues () const =0
Maybe write directly to a MeshProperty.
Member NumLib::LocalLinearLeastSquaresExtrapolator::_qr_decomposition_cache
Add the element dimension as identifying criterion, or change to typeid.
Member NumLib::MatrixTranslatorGeneral< ODESystemTag::FirstOrderImplicitQuasilinear >::computeJacobian (GlobalMatrix const &Jac_in, GlobalMatrix &Jac_out) const override
Do not copy.
Member NumLib::NonlinearSystem< NonlinearSolverTag::Newton >::getResidual (GlobalVector const &x, GlobalVector const &x_prev, GlobalVector &res) const =0
Remove argument x.
Class NumLib::TimeDiscretization
Currently this interface does not yet support adaptive timestepping. While implementing that will lead to no changes for single-step methods, for multi-step methods this interface will have to be extended.
Class ProcessLib::ExtrapolatorData
Later on this struct shall be moved, e.g., be merged with the process output class.
Class ProcessLib::LocalAssemblerInterface
Generalize to other NumLib::ODESystemTag's.