[tag] deactivated_subdomain

Time depend subdomain deactivation.

Subdomain deactivation is space and time dependent. The spatial extent of deactivated elements is defined through a set of material ids. Additionally a line segment separates through its normal plane and position on the line segment an active and inactive part.

The subdomain can be deactivated at once using a time interval. For fine grained control a time curve can be specified. It maps current time to position on the line segment. Elements, which center points lie left of this position are deactivated.

The deactivated elements are excluded from the assembly, pre and post call, secondary variables computation and the like. To keep the size of the global linear equation system artificial Dirichlet boundary conditions are applied on the interior of the deactivated subdomain. The nodes on the border between the active and inactive elements are not affected.

Child parameters, attributes and cases

Additional info

From ProcessLib/CreateDeactivatedSubdomain.cpp line 289

  • This parameter can be given arbitrarily many times.
  • Expanded tag path: process_variables.process_variable.deactivated_subdomains.deactivated_subdomain
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