[tag] poissons_ratios

Three Poisson's ratios \(\nu_{12}\), \(\nu_{23}\), and \(\nu_{13}\) in that particular order.

The other Poisson's ratios \(\nu_{21}\), \(\nu_{32}\), and \(\nu_{31}\) are calculated by the symmetry property as \(\nu_{ji} E_i = \nu_{ij} E_j\) (no sum).

They also must fulfil following two properties:

\[|\nu_{ij}| < \sqrt({E_i \over E_j}),\]


\[1 - \nu_{12}\nu_{21} - \nu_{23}\nu_{32} - \nu_{13}\nu_{31} - \nu_{12}\nu_{23}\nu{31} - \nu_{32}\nu_{21}\nu{13} > 0.\]

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