OGS 6.2.1-76-gbb689931b
ProcessLib::HeatTransportBHE::BHE::GroutParameters Struct Reference

Detailed Description

Definition at line 24 of file GroutParameters.h.

#include <GroutParameters.h>

Public Attributes

double const rho_g
double const porosity_g
double const heat_cap_g
double const lambda_g

Member Data Documentation

◆ heat_cap_g

double const ProcessLib::HeatTransportBHE::BHE::GroutParameters::heat_cap_g

specific heat capacity of the grout unit is m^2 sec^-2 K^-1

Definition at line 42 of file GroutParameters.h.

Referenced by ProcessLib::HeatTransportBHE::BHE::BHE_1U::pipeHeatCapacities(), and ProcessLib::HeatTransportBHE::BHE::BHECommonCoaxial::pipeHeatCapacities().

◆ lambda_g

◆ porosity_g

◆ rho_g

double const ProcessLib::HeatTransportBHE::BHE::GroutParameters::rho_g

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