[case] MFront

Loads a material model from a shared library that has been created by MFront with MFront's generic interface.

See http://tfel.sourceforge.net/ https://github.com/thelfer/MFrontGenericInterfaceSupport

This requires MFront version 3.2.1 (which must correspond to the MFront's "generic" interface), which must be available on your system: see http://tfel.sourceforge.net page for download and installation instructions.

The MFront library is distributed under GPL license.
OpenGeoSys initializes the internal state of the MFront material model to all-zero. Furthermore, the very first iteration of OpenGeoSys is performed already at the first load step, i.e., OpenGeoSys does not perform a stress integration with the IC values. That differs, e.g., from the mtest executable shipped with MFront, which, initially does a stress integration with the ICs values. If your model needs such a stress integration step, you must make sure that you prepend an initial, artificial load step. If you observe convergence issues during the local stress integration in the very first iteration of OpenGeoSys, you should consider adding such a load step, in particular if mtest succeeds to integrate the same load path.

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