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DuplicateMeshComponents.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Definition of Duplicate functions.

Karsten Rink

Definition in file DuplicateMeshComponents.h.

#include <vector>
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 Interface for heuristic search length strategy.


std::vector< MeshLib::Node * > MeshLib::copyNodeVector (const std::vector< MeshLib::Node * > &nodes)
 Creates a deep copy of a Node vector. More...
std::vector< MeshLib::Element * > MeshLib::copyElementVector (const std::vector< MeshLib::Element *> &elements, const std::vector< MeshLib::Node *> &nodes)
MeshLib::ElementMeshLib::copyElement (MeshLib::Element const *const element, const std::vector< MeshLib::Node * > &nodes)
 Copies an element without change, using the nodes vector from the result mesh. More...
std::vector< MeshLib::Element * > MeshLib::cloneElements (std::vector< MeshLib::Element * > const &elements)
 Clones a vector of elements using the Element::clone() function. More...